Saturday, November 22, 2014

Meet Maria Magdalena

i'll never be;0)!

on my way to the swedish church up in marylebone. i am to help out at their christmas fair:) i hope I get to sell the candy. so excited!!!

so needed an angelic outfit. sweetness so to say:)

vintage dress
marc by marc jacobs bow barrette
antique cross necklace
screaming mimis bangles
office ballerinas

this is the
moment for 
which you
have been
- esther 4:14


Friday, November 21, 2014

Love of Today: Hyper Japan & Its Christmas Market

a while ago i was invited to visit hyper japan's christmas market! last saturday i went. it was so much fun, such inspirations & i met such lovely people. so many cute things to buy as christmas gifts. anything doll like, magic like, dressing up kind is right up my sleeve. there were too performances with song & dance. if one likes the martial arts, there was a section to view such perfection. if one was hungry there was so much to devour japanese style. i fell for the art works, fantasy books & lolita magazines! i met several lolita girls who is part of a tea party club here in the uk:) such sweetness. i joined their facebook page! hope to meet them again. then at last i met lucia of kitsune art! lucia was there because she was part of the moon pride exhibition that was held at the fair. moon pride is a non-profit itinerant exhibition abut the manga sailor moon written by naoko takeuchi. more than 100 artists from all over the world has drawn their personal view of the sailor soldiers, celebrating the cartoon's 20th anniversary. there was so many cute drawings:))) 

top to bottom:

1&2 some adorable lolita girls:) 3 the fair from above! 4 hatsune miku! poster created by maitake. 5 so many cute notebooks to buy! hello kitty ones for example. 6 cakes to devour. 7-9 candy candy candy. 10 pink bubbly sake. this wonder i tasted:) 11 a very cute shop with an adorable shop assistant. 12 one could buy candy from a tofu cute candy girl. 13 amazing fairy tale wigs. 14 cute accessories. drink me for example. 15 this dress was by the tea party club lolita girls:) so cute. 16 tiny notebooks 17 an art book by haruaki fuyuno. 18 a manga book, art works by hanokage. 19&20  i fell madly in love with the gothic lolita bible:) i bought 2 of those magazines from jp books21-24 examples of some sailor soldiers from the moon pride exhibition. 21 by renĂ©e melo. 22 by camilla d'errico. 23 by mika madden. 24 by laurie roman/ crimson pumpkin. 25 this is lucia fioretti of kitsune art. such talent.

the culture of japan:))) such an inspiration. 
alice solantania saga

some cute shops to explore:

art box
dreamy bows
jp books
moon bunny
roxie sweetheart
shinku rose
sweet & tiny
teatime treasures
united publications
wonder box

enjoy the snow white princesse:) 

hatsune mikue brilliance

Thursday, November 20, 2014

I Am Marvelous


today I met my adorable friend jenny:))) she gave me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers! a lovely birthday gift!!  thanks jenny, can't wait to see you again! we first went to spitalfields antique market before sitting down at a cute pub. now is on a train heading back home to dulwich:) 

the laughing heart

your life is your life
don't let it be clubbed into dark submission
be on the watch
there are ways out
there is light somewhere
it may not be much light but
it beats the darkness
be on the watch
the gods will offer you chances
know them
take them
you can't beat death but
you can beat death in life, sometimes
and the more often you learn to do it
the more light there will be
your life is your life
know it while you have it
you are marvelous
the god's wait to delight 
in you

-charles bukowski

see the adorable creatures out there???


vintage tea dress
antique cross necklace
prada belt
office ballerinas

some inspiration that i have saved in a file called a midsummer nights dream! 
enjoy this beauty:)

a pink wonder by paolo roversi

alice solantania saga

(these 4 images are found on pinterest, if you know who created any of the ones not credited, please let me know and i will do asap)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

To Be Alive


i had such a beautiful morning walk! i now own beautiful polaroids of dulwich woods. met an andrew to devour the national gallery. such beautiful things for your eyes:) we got lost narnia  wonderland style there:))) now is wine at the most secret place in trafalgar square! 

to be alive

you fall, you rise, you
make mistakes, you live,
you learn. you're human,
not perfect. you've been
hurt, but you're alive.
think of what a precious
privilege it is to be alive- 
to breathe, to think, to
enjoy, and to chase the
things you love.
sometimes there is
sadness in your journey,
but there is also lots of
beauty. we must keep
putting one foot in front of
the other even when we
hurt, for we will never
know what is waiting for
us just around the corner

- who created this beautiful quote??? found it on pinterest!


h&m dress
antique cross necklace
office ballerinas

found this little collage:) i styled these amazing girls! all 4 shoots are lovely memories for me! all are shot by martina olsson except the one on the lower right which is photographed by saga sig.

alice solantania saga